How to Really Really Learn

One of my all-time favorite books is basically a practical guide on How to Really Think Better. Last week I finally opened and dove into Never Stop Learning: Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself, and Thrive by Bradley R. Staats, which I bought a year ago this month. Here are a couple …

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Author Interview: Allen Gannett of The Creative Curve

You have the ability to be creative. And you can learn to be even more creative. I got to interview Allen Gannett, author of The Creative Curve, last week. You can listen in here. I did a recap on The Four Laws of Creativity here as well.

Your one wish for your customers

As I’ve been contemplating my new business venture I’ve been going back to the foundations and doing some new reading and rereading of classics. I’ve been devouring a new one by Sean D’Souza — The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t). Just read this and worth exponentially …

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