Two Best Books on Leadership + Two Opportunities To Focus On Your Leadership With Me

The two best leadership books I’ve ever read … and specifically applied and practiced over the last 10+ years … and the ones I have every person I’m coaching on leadership do are:

They are foundations of my small groups on leadership and keys to my success.

Additionally ….

Last month, I announced my latest venture — Leader.Team.

And if you want to go deeper and invest in your leadership, I’ve got two opportunities to do so with me:

  • Two 4-Week Leadership Small Groups, starting next week, one on Tuesdays, and one on Thursdays
  • My first mini-course, Uniquely You … it’s all about you, learning and leaning into your unique strengths and style of leadership … and I want to help with it

I’d love for you to join me for one of these opportunities! And as always if you have feedback or questions, please hit our contact form. Or you can simply reply to this email.





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