What Is Your Life’s Greatest Contribution?

What I’m reading: Life’s Greatest Contribution by Tom Rath


  • Move from “you are what you do” to “you are how you help” — for the last year (and still) I haven’t been able to answer the “what do you do?” question. I relish being able to answer how I help people in so many ways. (One way currently is “I help therapist friends with their websites, marketing.“)
  • “Instead of following your passion, find your greatest contribution” — in this season of my life I’m so focused on purpose, meaning and impact and savoring it.
  • “Contribution is the sum of what grows when you are gone” — this hit hard for me … my first focus is my kids. I want them to grow like wildflowers and as a dad, doing all I can intentionally to foster lifelong growth in them.

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