Your one wish for your customers

As I’ve been contemplating my new business venture I’ve been going back to the foundations and doing some new reading and rereading of classics.

I’ve been devouring a new one by Sean D’Souza — The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (And Why They Don’t).

Just read this and worth exponentially more than the mere $8 investment I made in the book:

“To create your uniqueness, all you have to do is make a wish for your customers. If there is one thing you’d wish to improve in the life of your customers, what would that one thing be?

The example he gives is The Benjamin hotel in NYC where their one thing is quality sleep. Evidentially there is a sleep menu.

It’s got my mind working overtime.

You don’t find your uniqueness; you invent it. Choose one of the factors you want to be the best at, and then build your business around that factor of uniqueness.”

By the way, the checklists in the back of the book is one of the best ever. I’ve been returning to them frequently.


Aside: I took some advice from my friend Scott who said his reading list is long enough but curating a takeaway would be very helpful. If you dig this approach please let me know!

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